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Update and New Content Soon

Thu Aug 14, 2014, 10:05 PM by AnthonyShea:iconanthonyshea:

I finally suffered threw rendering the 'DISCOVERING A NEW WORLD' at 2.5x & have set it to music and finally rendered it into roughly thirty minute segments! Now all I need to do is wake up early enough when the house is still quiet and attempt to record some voice over for a the post roll, create both the pre and post roll's themselves and then re-render everything out.  Let me now state this isn't the best way of going about things but I'm still green at this.

... In hindsight, what I can see so far that I should have done is this. I should have taken all the clips and the 2.5x speed effect to them, then set my markers for logical breaks near every thirty minute interval. Find the music I wanted to set it to and make sure there aren't any odd pauses or transitions I wasn't ware of and then render it out. Now here is my question of sorts I wonder if I should also pre-make my pre and post rolls and insert them in front of and after each break marker. I know I could do this, but it would also make a mess out of everything as well unless I can select my in and out and import that from that project and into another and keep flip flopping back and forth. but honestly that also sounds very time intensive as well.

Also I know I have had some conversations with people about how I set up Camstudio, this is now a mute point for me. I switched some time ago to 'Debut Video Capture Software' which is made by NCH Software, I wanted to use it for awhile to see both how it performed in general and how over all versatile it was. It isn't free but it's cheap! and it barely impacts my system while recording two 1080p monitors at 60 fps in H.264 at full quality with beautifully small file sizes. As in under 500MB's per one hour of footage. IF DV or Lossless is your thing and you have the hard drive space for it, as far as I can tell if you have the encoders, the program can record in it.

Now here is the bigger question does anyone actually read my journals, lol.

Live well,


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adrian272727 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2016
m-NOUN Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
unfortunately I didn't get the job of my dreams yet but I have applied to several other positions that I'm hopefully I get out of poverty sooner than later.

unfortunately those who are offering my kind of jobs aren't familiar with poverty since they never did an honest day's work in their lives.

tooth infections are a constent problem for poor people who live too far away from help in rurel areas some of witch I've met in my life and did what I could for them until I had to go but there are lots of problems out there with people who will never be on the news until their obituary sais their time is up.

Don't be so apologetic I haven't been around either I can only use the internet at school now and I need gas money to get there I enjoy our conversations and only hope to continue when I'm more financially stable.
AnthonyShea Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am glowing inside to hear that you have chance at the job you desire so highly. I know way too much about tooth / teeth infections. medicaid refuses to take care of my degrading situation still. even with antibiotics I still rather frequently get swollen glands among other fun side effects.

well I noticed you left this days before my birthday, and wouldn't been able to reply because I was out of state for several weeks. I am so seriously apologetic about the horrendous delay on my responce! I hope to the stars that you were awarded the position that you applied for. Also glad to hear that you're still coming up with rather brilliant to interesting things. Too bad we can't push around big Corp around like they do us ://
m-NOUN Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks for the offer to provide me with a working computer but I'm poor again, and have a job opportunity with Parsons this week, it's my dream job and I'm freaking out I will eventually get to change the world for the better and I'm still inventing.

I left an update on my page hope I get the job before I die of a tooth infection I've had for a long time, with only one antibiotic left since last year my face keeps getting swollen in weird places. Hope I don't go blind before I can make a difference.

even if I had a new computer I couldn't afford internet so that's the reason I've been away for a while, kind of embarrassing that I could go so low and rise up so high in a week hopefully
maniatyko Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2014
Thanks for the fav! :)
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